All in Expat Life

Warwick Day Trip

On Saturday morning, we jumped on a train to Warwick and 25 minutes later we were exploring the streets of a little castle town. The River Avon runs through the heart of the city and past Warwick Castle, built by William the Conqueror in 1068 and later fortified with stone and restored in the 12th century. 

Day Trip to Sutton Park

Sutton Park is the 7th largest park in Europe and only a 30-minute bus ride from Birmingham's City Centre. We spent the afternoon wandering on and off the trails, eating wild blackberries, and tiring out the dog. Wild ponies and cattle are loose in the park, and while we didn't see any ponies, we certainly saw plenty of poop.

Learning About Food in Birmingham

Chips and Salsa are officially MIA over here, much to Connor's dismay. But there is a huge market called the Bull Ring that stocks the cheapest food I've ever seen so perhaps DIY salsa is in our future. The Bull Ring also has an extensive meat and fish market containing all sorts of things I'm not familiar with. This will be an interesting culinary adventure!

ORD -> LHR & a First Look at Brum

Hello and welcome! Our very first blog post! We plan to catalog our adventures and mishaps during our 2 year stint in England and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride! We arrived safely in Birmingham, Penny the dog included. Though the long flight was a bit more traumatizing for her than it was for us. So far, we're exploring the area around our hotel and getting to know Birmingham.