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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and London


We've been in London since Saturday morning. Connor has business Monday - Wednesday and we leave tomorrow afternoon to fly to Chicago for a very important family wedding!!!!!!

Without further ado, here are a few ways Harry Potter has infiltrated London and taken advantage of tourists. Including me. And many many Asians.

King's Cross Station. OMG Let's go find Platform 9 3/4!!!

Designated Tourist Photo Area. 

Hedwig doesn't look so good...

Serious Tourist Queue for Pictures

We did not wait in that line. 

The bridge the dementors destroyed!! Do you think it's stable?

That's St. Paul's Cathedral on the other side of the Thames. The building that inspired the design of the U.S. Capitol.

I made a serious dent in the list of London sights and have loads of pics!!! Apologies in advance for the next post, which will detail all the ground I covered. Goal 1 of the blog is to stay in touch with everyone and share our adventures, and Goal 2 is to help me remember everything we've done. :)

Can't wait to be back in the States tomorrow and eating normal food. Did I already tell you that I ate a ham sandwich every day for 30 days while living in a hotel? And that this hotel also provides free wine? I know, try not to barf. Sickly combo.



Warwick Day Trip

Warwick Day Trip