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Climbing Kinder Scout from Edale

Sharing some pictures of Kinder Scout in the Peak District today as I recover from a wicked flu. This is one of the highest points in the Peak District and WOW was the scenery gorgeous! The weather was perfect, one of the warmest days yet. I could sit and look at the sprawling views all day. Purple heather was everywhere. Bliss!

5 Ways England Surprised Us

Monday marked the one year anniversary of our move to England. Craaazyyyyy! We've been rather reflective lately, thinking back on the places visited and lessons learned, what we miss about America and which British customs we plan to bring home. Overall, we have been pleasantly surprised by many aspects of life in the UK. Here are 5 things that particularly surprised us...

Hiking in the Peak District

Our hike started in a 14th century churchyard, led past a soccer field, across a road, and into the forest. We soon emerged onto someone's alpaca and sheep farm and climbed over a few ancient stone walls. The view from the top was gorgeous! It was amazing to see the colors of the landscape change as the sun moved in and out of the clouds.