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Warwick Day Trip

Warwick Day Trip

Apologies for this tardy update on last weekend's trip to Warwick. On Saturday morning, we jumped on a train to Warwick and 25 minutes later we were exploring the streets of a little castle town. The River Avon runs through the heart of the city and past Warwick Castle, and if we go ever go back with visitors, we definitely want to rent a canoe or a giant swan paddle boat!

Warwick Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 and later fortified with stone and restored in the 12th century. A local described the castle as "Disney-ified" and recommended making the 2 mile trek outside town to Kenilworth Castle, too. Add it to the list! I don't know if I'll ever grow tired of castles!

Warwick Castle had sword fighting, archery, jousting, random minstrel and bird shows... it was packed with little girls in princess dresses and boys wielding wooden swords. Can you imagine having a season pass to a castle instead of the local zoo? So cool. We climbed one of the towers and checked out the view, ate lunch in the peacock garden in front of a beautiful conservatory, and roamed the gardens and castle grounds.

Warwick Castle

Old Mill

Castle Grounds with sheep

Peacocks in the gardens!

Conservatory or Orangery. Starting to learn about the famed English gardens!

River Avon and Warwick Castle

Later, we went inside the Church of St. Mary which was partially destroyed in a 1694 fire and we also checked out St. John's Museum. This building was seriously cool from the outside but I found the inside a bit dull. Some 900 years ago it was originally used as a hospital and over the years would become a private residence, a school, an office building for war efforts, and is now a museum dedicated to said war efforts. I sort of zoned out when I discovered it barely touched on WWII. The interior has been renovated so many times that few original features remained. So no pics of the inside.

St. John's Museum

St. John's Museum

Beautiful gardens

Brief recap of this week:

  • We had "Sunday lunch" with a couple friends in our new neighborhood. We can't wait to move!!!!!!
  • Connor rented a car yesterday and had a little driving adventure. He survived.
  • We still don't have access to pounds because bank security measures in the UK are INSANE. Total overkill.
  • Penny dragged a used teabag out of the garbage and onto the bed, spreading cranberry bits all over the place.
  • We have an appointment with "Mr. Bob" on Saturday to check out a car he is selling. If we can buy a car this weekend, we are heading to the Peak District for some hiking!
  • Our first trip to London is in the works and yes, I plan to get in line at the ass crack (sorry Mom) to score tickets to Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet. OMG HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE!? I can't even.
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Day Trip to Sutton Park

Day Trip to Sutton Park